Ludvik Danek

Discus World Record:
64.55 meters,
Turnov - Aug. 2nd, 1964


Ludvik Danek
This photography was taken during the events on Sept. 20th 1964 at Turnov, closely before departure of czechoslovak team to XVIII. olympic games in Tokio. Ludvik Danek won here with result 61.19m.
On Sunday, Aug. 2nd 1964, the discus world record was reached at Turnov stadium. Of 64.55m by the 1st serie Ludvik Danek threw over current, 99 days old world record of Al Oerter (Valnut, Apr. 25th 1964). The 161cm difference meant the second best improvement in the modern athletic history (better one reached Eric Krenz by his first world record in Palo Alto - March 9th 1930, when the difference between 3 years old record of Clarence Houser was 170 cm). Ludvik Danek is the 19th. world record holder and his record is the 29th item of world tables. His personal best was overcame by 285cm. The record from Turnov held 436 days, when on Oct. 12th was erased by Danek himself (Sokolov - 65.22m). Danek was the world record holder full 1392 days, until Jay Silvester returned to world top (Modesto, May 25, 1968 - 66.54m).

It is also of interest, this record was the second one of Danek in the European tables. The name of Ludvik Danek was associated with europe discus record 1960 days, from May 10th 1964 (Vyskov 62.54m) to Sept. 21st 1968, when Richard Bruch took him the record away (Malmo 68.06m).

To the Danek's collection of records belongs also the best world result in Long Beach on June 6th 1966. The 66.07m throw was not recorded to the table because of formal failing concernig referee qualification. Summarily 4 European and 9 Czechoslovak records embellishs the Danek's career.

His greatest victory was the olympic gold medal from games Munich 1972, after previous silver from Tokio 1964 and bronze from Mexico 1968.

The record in Turnov introduced Ludvik Danek into the gallery of world famous Czech discus throwers as Frantisek Janda-Suk and Olga Fikotova.

After Danek's death (Nov. 15, 1998), the memorial events will be organized in Turnov every year.

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